This Artist illustrates Working From Home Vs Working at Office – And We find it Quite Relatable

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Working from Home is quite a trend nowadays, let it be in Big Cities or Small Cities – Some People generally prefer Working from Home (WFH). Well as there are many advantages of working from Home like you can sleep longer, there is no tension of getting late for office, wear whatever you are comfortable with….etc etc … but there are certain disadvantages of WFH also. The famous Comic Artist  James Chapman has illustrated this difference in an awesome comic form, which is quite relatable to the life of the person Who works from Home Vs the person who works at office.

So let’s check them out

  1. The best part about working from home is being able to wake up, pour a coffee, turn on the computer and *poof* , you are at work. 😀 😀
  2.  Wear Whatever you want at your Home 🙂
  3. You can sing , to your heart content 😀 at your home , but cant at office
  4. This is the Best thing about Lunch time in office  …..Food varieties 😀 :D…
  5. “No Comments ” 😀 😀 😀
  6. One of the main advantage of Working at Office 😉 
  7. Ahhh … that’s the thing that everyone hate about WFH
  8. Well Well …. 

To Sum up : Working from home can be amazing, but it can also be a bottomless pit of distraction. While it gives you the freedom of time and other things but it also might you lead to the life full of distraction and utter boreness 😀

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