Meet NEOREST NX – The $11K luxury Japanese Toilet, which will give you the Best Poop Experience Of Your Life

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Who doesn’t want to have a luxurious and comfortable life, right?. Nowadays luxury isn’t limited to Cars, clothes, foods, and accessories. Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto Ltd., who is also the world’s largest toilet manufacturer is planning to release their ultra-luxurious, super high-end washlet called the NEOREST NX, Cost around $1100 — wait whaaaat ? … yep!, you heard it right. Now pooping in a luxurious pot is also a thing. 😀  The Ultra Luxurious washlet comes with some unique features which make it worth –flushing your every penny XD :D..
So let’s check these features out:

NEOREST NX, World’s most luxurious washlet features are

  • NEOREST NX will automatically open whenyou approach it 😀 — How cool is that 😀
  • And it closes when you walk away
  • Say – Bye Bye !! – to toilet papers – Well ideally you won’t need any toilet paper

    as it has a despensing wand, which will gently spray water to clean you 😉
  • It also has built-in air dryer to dry you off

  • The seat can be also heated during winter time .. so as to avoid those winter chills to your bum 😛
  • Cleaning toilet is really a tough job — but not any more … This smart toilet cleans itself with ionized water —- So cool — right ?
    and if that’s not enough, this toilet uses ultra-violet light to break down dirt and waste particles

  • Had a rough stomach?  worried about bad odor?  – Well don’t worry — This Toilet has built-in air deodorizer, which neutralizes the bad odor 🙂

Now talking about its availability, The NEOREST NX washlet from Toto is currently available in Japan and a few other Asian countries.

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